Work on an online conference room!

For several weeks I had to work with classmates to deliver final handouts for my classes here at UiA, but the weather and some people leaving early to their home countries has made the meetings a bit difficult. So we decided to held our work meetings online.

UiA’s IT department provides access to Adobe Connect for staff and students at any time. This is an online  platform to held digital meetings, e-conferences, webinars, virtual classrooms, interactive training and online group work. In this post I will review the system and let you know what you can do with it.

What I liked the most is the high-quality Audio-Video conference with unlimited participants and recording capacity for the entire meeting to review it later.

It is very easy to do slide-show presentations. You can prepare the conference room in advance, use the built-in blackboard and share your screen keeping your presenter’s notes for yourself.

The collaboration tools were very useful as well. Sharing all kinds of documents and rich media files with your guests, using moderation tools for meetings, creating poles and questionnaires for the seminar audience, chatting privately with one or more users and creating separate rooms within a e-conference room makes it easy to work in realtime.

Inviting guests is very easy, just send a URL and any one can connect, even if the audience and guests are not part of the UiA. So I have tried it with friends and family to show photos of my stay in Norway.

If you are curios, here is a video that explains it in more detail:

If you are interested in trying it out, here are some simple steps:

  1. Go to:
  2. Choose UiA from the list
  3. Use your UiA’s username and password
  4. Create a new meeting
  5. Provide details for the meeting and press finish
  6. Copy the URL given for the meeting
  7. Press Enter Meeting Room
  8. Share the URL with your guests and start your meeting

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