blended learning approaches as alternatives for university learning not as replacement

Blended learning in an e-collaborative approach has been used as a teaching method at Agder University in the Department of Education and at the Department of Information Systems. It’s a method to enhance cooperation between students during and after the lectures have taken place, beside the classical classroom teaching.  From a theoretical point of view the advantage is, that  learning related to the idea of  the proximal zone of developement (Vygotsky) can take place – if wanted- by students. Communication and collaborative learning can take place on the provided platforms (wiki, life-meeting, fronter, skype, etc).  It has to be stressed that not the single use of a tool were more less prefered but the free nevertheless guided choice has shown importance. The preliminary results show that the students were signficantly most satified by the fact that they had a choice, that is, to listen to the lectures face to face in the classroom, or to watch and participate synchronous at their computer at home, or afterwards dive in the lecture once again by the saved recordnings or the learning platform tools. The final research results will be published soon.

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