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Future of Mobile Learning was released at the University of Agder in September, 2014. The course is moderated by Woodgate and administered under the direction of the university’s Professor Frank Reichert as part of the Multi-media Master’s program. Reichert is also the Dean of the Engineering and Science Department.
– What I find really exciting about this project is both its global alliance aspect, as well as the fact that a course exploring the future of mobile learning was designed and is being deployed via a mobile delivery system,” says Maggie Duval, LIFE’s CEO and the course architect.
– And perhaps most thrilling is that these students are not only learning about the future, they are, in essence, learning how to create (…)

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The course challenges to «deliver the most cutting edge coursework for today’s student, a unique global alliance, led by WebStudent International, has come together to create compelling Masters-level curriculum exploring the future of mobile learning (mLearning) through a fully self-contained mobile learning course.»

Learning Innovations in Future Education (LIFE), in conjunction with proven leader in global foresight, The Futures Lab, Inc., WebStudent, and the University of Agder in Norway releases “The Future of Mobile Learning,” a Masters level, moderated self-learning course. Developed by noted futurist, global foresight researcher, and educator, Derek Woodgate, the course content is comprised of three units, including exploring the future of mobile learning, creating a design brief for a theoretical mobile learning delivery platform, and in a unique twist, a journey through the future studies/foresight process, Woodgate’s specialty.

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