Reach your students outside of the classroom (Podcasting)

Reach your students outside of the classroom with creative web based solutions

Podcasting is a great solution to go further in class and to reach students outside the classroom. It consists of an audio recording that is published to the web and can be reproduced as many times as you need.

With an educational podcast you can:

  • Record your lectures and lessons in the classroom and make them available for your students for further review at home.
  • Expand a subject that you want to point out over the net.
  • Comment and review orally on a topic related to your class or on an article you just read (Normally this will be more informal than a written paper).
  • Create a discussion via podcasts where your students can reply in the same way.
  • Explain the objectives of a task or the preparation of a test without being in the same room with your students.

It is a great tool when one of your students makes you a question through the e-mail and you think that the answer could help the other classmates. Then you can record the answer, publish it online and share it with the group through e-mail, Facebook or whatever communication channel you use outside the classroom.

Here are some steps to learn how to build up a creative task for your students using free-web based solutions.

1 Download audacity and install (Free code audio recording software)

Use Audacity as a simple voice recording

3 Add some music to your podcast (optional)

4 Export your recording

5 Create a SoundCloud account (free)

6 Share your audio online

We will discuss more educational strategies based on podcasting so stay tuned!

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